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And other simple secrets that two PhD nutrition experts who routinely consult with professional sports teams, best-selling authors, and the largest fitness magazines in the world—are using to help people all over the world

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From Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD and Kara Mohr, PhD, FACSM

101 Smoothie RecipesWe don’t need to convince you that what you eat (or don’t eat) will affect your energy, your appearance and your life. Yet regardless of where we are teaching around the world, when we speak with Men’s Health, Prevention, Eating Well or any other Magazines, The New York Times or USA Today…even when we’re consulting with celebrities, athletes, soccer moms and busy executives, we hear the same challenges over and over again


Frankly, we’re frustrated with the daily battles our clients face. We hear about the food struggles and challenges of people just like you trying to lose fat; we can see their lack of energy, general lifelessness or excitement for anything day in and day out.  We hear how their unhappy with their appearance.

And sadly, these struggles mean people aren’t making the food choices that can solve these problems.

In fact, a recent survey showed only 3% of the population ate the recommended amount of fruits and veggies each day, which leads to a major gap in the powerful nutrients found in these foods — many of which can solve these problems listed above.  More specifically, when categorizing these nutrients as colors:


Sound like you?

Fortunately our combined expertise working with people just like you has helped us pinpoint the exact reasons people aren’t giving their bodies the precise nutrients for maximum performance.

Even more, researchers at the University of Nottingham are examining if drinking daily smoothies are scientifically proven to actually make you appear healthier and more attractive!

Are smoothies the secret to glowing, healthier, younger looking skin?
Can they help you get rid of the signs of aging?

Drawing from this experience, we’ve created a simple, DELICIOUS, nutrition blueprint you can follow EVERY DAY to improve you and YOUR FAMILY’S health. That is exactly the reason we make Simple Superfood Smoothies and created this tool to help you do the same.

We’re busy like you. We’re on the go like you. And like you, we’ve found ourselves often struggling with finding the time and “inspiration” to create nutritious meals for our family. That is, until we started “experimenting” with some simple, delicious smoothie recipes that:

Even more, even our girls (4.5 and 2 years old) ask for daily “milkshakes” – often as soon as they wake up!

We were so impressed by how quickly and easily we could get great nutrition, we started sharing our ‘secret’ recipes with people from all walks of life. The results were awesome!

Now, we want to share them with YOU!

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jamie“As a fitness personality and model, I’ve had my fair share of shakes and smoothies. Thanks to two of my most trusted nutrition friends and colleagues, Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr, their “101 Simple Superfood Smoothies” ebook, I finally have page after page of yummy options. And the fact that the nutrition info is included with each recipe makes it super simple to stay on track! In addition to being a fitness personality, I am also a mom. Proper nutrition and convenience are now more important than ever and it feels great to have resources like this at my finger tips to help feed myself and my family.”

Jamie Eason, Bodybuilding.com spokesperson and cover model

Tom Venuto“Smoothies are a super-convenient way to get in a ton of nutrients in minutes– including protein – and this is hands-down the best smoothie book I’ve ever read. Drs Chris and Kara’s recipes are simple and easy to make, yet very creative – not the same smoothies you see everyday. This is one recipe collection you’ll want to keep right at your fingertips.”

Tom Venuto, Bestselling Author, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Dr John Berardi, Co-founder of Precision Nutrition, Advisor to Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist“I’ve gotta admit, my entire family loves smoothies. My wife and I drink them post-workout. My 4 year old drinks them on the way to school. (She calls them “power drinks”). And, almost every morning, my 2 year old son wakes me by banging on a blender container.

Needless to say, we were all excited by 101 simple smoothies. Over 100 new recipes to try. All delicious. All loaded with healthy ingredients. Vitamix, I hope you’re up to the challenge!”

Dr John Berardi, Co-founder of Precision Nutrition, Advisor to Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist

Eating Healthier Shouldn’t Be Hard, It Should Be a Pleasure
It All Starts with a Blender

You probably have tried to “choke down” protein shakes, or chunky, bitter, flavorless smoothies at home. Maybe you’ve waited in line at the local “healthy” smoothie shop, only to pay $5 or more for a overpriced, glorified sugar bomb.

You’re not alone.

Most people don’t take advantage of the secret power of delicious, nutritious smoothies – smoothies that can make you look younger and according to research, can slash your cancer risk by 38% when loaded with fruits and veggies, like those we drink daily from our 101 superfood smoothie recipes.

We continuously hear 5 common reasons our clients don’t take advantage of these nutrient powerhouses daily.

Reason #1Getting Bored of Choking Down the Same, Nasty Smoothies Everyday

Just mixing fruit or veggies and protein in a blender day after day gets boring. You may have a combination you like, but you get tired of it.

Or perhaps you never have the right ingredients on hand—in part, because you don’t really know what kind of smoothies you can or should make on a daily basis. You might even crave one but then think, “If only I had the right stuff…”

And so you don’t make your smoothie, and miss out on all the nutrition you could be getting if you knew what to make…

Holly Perkins“I have been in a bit of a smoothie rut. Same ingredients. Same flavor. Every. Single. Day. So when I saw two of my friends and respected nutrition experts – Drs. Chris and Kara Mohr – created a book with over 100 smoothie recipes, I had to get my hands on it. It is amaing and exactly what I needed. I printed it, keep a copy on my counter and rely on the insanely tasty recipes daily! Dr. Chris and Kara Mohr are the real deal and this book fuels my smoothie addiction. They’re quick, convenient, taste amazing … and fuel my body for my on-the-go lifestyle.””

~ Holly Perkins, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Creator of baladea

Tara“As a busy mom of two, I recently started making smoothies but lost interest after a week of the same boring smoothies, day in and day out. 101 Superfood Smoothies is exactly what I needed; I love the variety and not having to think about how I’m going to start my day nutritionally as I’m trying to get everyone out the door and myself to the gym. Thank you!”

~ Tara Kali, RN, New Providence, New Jersey

Reason #2Your Protein Smoothies
Taste Like Bitter, Chunky Chalk

I’m going to share a shocking statistic with you. I’ve been making daily smoothies for over 20 years. That’s at least 7,300 smoothies. For me, this is a big one! It’s not easy to make a smoothie taste amazing—it takes the right recipe and the right kitchen finesse that most people simply do not have.

And that creates a big problem, because if your smoothies don’t taste yummy to you, you won’t want to drink them. Trust me, I’ve had some bad ones. Chalky, nasty, hard to swallow protein shakes. Worse yet, your kids definitely won’t want to drink them. That means they’ll never become a consistent part of your life…

Do you know how to make a variety of delicious smoothies that aren’t loaded with sugar or other less-than-healthy ingredients? If not, keep reading…

Reason #3Most Smoothies Are NOT
Nutritionally Balanced and Complete

Did you know smoothies from many popular smoothie shops are loaded with more than 100 grams of sugar (that’s like downing 4 cans of soda), syrups and other dangerous ingredients. No wonder many struggle to gain energy and change their bodies when drinking these sugar bombs.

On the other hand, blending your own smoothies with the right ingredients is the perfect way to unlock the incredible nutrition found in so many fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein and more. It’s even superior to juicing—because the fiber remains part of the smoothie, leading to more stable blood sugar response and longer lasting energy.

Reason #4High-Quality Smoothies Are
Too Expensive for the Entire Family

If you’ve ever stepped into a health food store—then you truly know how costly healthy food can be! This can be especially true when it comes to smoothies, because it’s easy to concentrate even more fruits and vegetables into a single blend.

For many, the cost to make delicious, nutritious smoothies for the entire family could cost as much as $20-30 per day. And while it may still be worth all the benefits smoothies deliver, even at that price, chances are you don’t have an extra $600-900 in your monthly budget for smoothies.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In a moment, I’m going to tell you about a better way to get ALL the amazing benefits of daily smoothies for you and your family – without breaking the bank.

Before we get into that, let’s cover the last barrier…

Reason #5Most People Fail to
Experience Noticeable Results

We sort of touched upon this when discussing nutrition imbalance — and the sometimes 100+ grams of sugar in some smoothies — but this last reason goes beyond that. You see, with ANY health practice—whether it’s working out each day, eating right, or doing a specific therapy… results are key.

Faith in the process will only keep us going for so long. After that point, we must experience results or we’re unlikely to keep going. Indeed, every discipline must bear fruit at some point—otherwise it’s not worth the sacrifice that comes with the discipline.

And smoothies are no different. The problem is, when you don’t know what to make or how to ensure they’re nutritionally balanced, you won’t be consistent—and that means you’ll never see results.

Kristin W.“The 101 Superfood Smoothie nutrition book is perfect. As a meteorologist I have a crazy schedule.  I’m often up at 2 AM and can be at work until 12 AM (yes, nearly 24 hours).  I need quick, quality nutrition that will give me the energy and I need.  I use the recipes in this book every single day (often more than once!).”

~ Kristin Walls, WHAS11 Meteorologist

Brett Klika“My days are absolutely PACKED with work, family, and other projects. Additionally, my travel schedule makes it difficult to “practice what I preach” as I spread the word about high quality nutrition and exercise as an international fitness consultant. I’ve always gone to Dr. Mohr for nutrition advice and he recommended I try some of his smoothie recipes as a fast, portable, high quality nutrition strategy. Man, now I’m mixing up a new recipe every day and getting more fruits and veggies than I’ve ever eaten in my life. I have my wife and a good share of my clients around the world hooked on them too!”

Brett Klika, International Fitness Consultant

Jen Sinkler“I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie bender (not to be confused with a smoothie blender) lately, and this recipe book is THE TRUTH. Filled to the brim with high-quality ingredients like fresh fruit and greens, raw cacao, ginger, and chia seeds, every one of the recipes I’ve followed results in a super-healthy, super-flavorful concoction. I just made myself a California Lemon Peel, and that may henceforth be the only thing I drink.

Picking up a copy of this nutrition book will vastly improve your smoothie game. You gotta do it.

Jen Sinkler, RKC, PCC, personal trainer and founder of the fitness website Thrive

Finally, after our clients begged, pleaded and pushed us … we finally decided to do something about it.

It wasn’t enough for the sports teams, TV hosts or even our clients to just have our secrets… we wanted a nutrition book that made it 100% seamless for you – gave you the nutrition you needed to boost energy, look younger and ward off disease.

Truth is, we feel that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy the delicious, nutritious, complete collection of smoothie recipes we’ve used (and continue to use!) in order to help our clients take their health to the next level.

So we created a beautiful little nutrition book that you can begin using and benefiting from today. Introducing…

101 Smoothie Recipes

The ONLY Doctor-Recommended Smoothie Recipe Book Filled With Easy, Delicious, Affordable and Nutritionally-Balanced Smoothies the Entire Family Will Love!

101 Simple Superfood Smoothies

You’ll never find another resource like this—it’s 70 full color pages with 101 recipes, nutrition facts and advice all blended together in an amazing synergy that could easily change your family’s health forever.

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You’ll get recipes like…

Double Dark Chocolate Fudge Crunch smoothieDouble Dark Chocolate Fudge Crunch

With raw cacao powder (one of the highest antioxidant foods in existence!)… chocolate protein powder… raw cacao nibs… and chocolate almond milk.

You’ll satisfy your deepest, darkest chocolate cravings—and load your body with antioxidants at the same time!

Cherry BerryVery Cherry Berry Vitality

You’ll enjoy the anti-aging benefits of dark cherries and blueberries… vanilla whey protein powder and almond milk for rich creaminess!

Choco Coffee JumpstartChoco Coffee Jumpstart

A much healthier way to get your morning pick-me-up! Imagine rich cocoa powder blended with creamy protein and cashews… along with the energy-boosting, anti-aging benefits of coffee. You can literally have everything you crave about morning coffee, along with a fully-nutritious breakfast that keeps you satisfied until lunchtime…

Banilla PuddingBanilla Pudding

This is almost like a complete meal—with essential fats and proteins… all the potassium and energy of bananas… the rich creaminess of pecans… and just a touch of vanilla. Our kids LOVE this recipe and it can be an amazing after-school snack or healthy desert you can make year round.

Pumpkin Pie SmoothiePumpkin Pie Post Workout

If you workout and want to maximize the benefits—you’re going to love this one. It combines real pumpkin with vanilla protein… and the emotionally satisfying sweetness of maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice! This is especially yummy and satisfying around the holidays, and can help curb your cravings for pies and other desserts that only add weight to your waistline…

spicy superfood smoothieSpicy Superfood Fusion

With freshly grated ginger… green superfood… and a “secret” ingredient that takes both the antioxidant and weight loss benefits of this recipe to the next level. This recipe can really ignite your digestion and metabolic fire… helping you shed fat faster and have more energy in the process.

Forzen TiramisuFrozen Tiramisu

We all crave dessert from time to time… and here is a way to “drink” your dessert, while loading up on critical muscle-building, fat-fighting nutrients—which you’ll find in this insanely yummy recipe!

Emerald GreenEmerald Green Sunshine

Would you ever think to combine mango, baby kale, kiwi, coconut milk, green superfood, almond milk and protein powder? Well we did, and much to our surprise, it tastes amazing! But more importantly, it’s loaded with a full spectrum of vitamins (including A, C, E and the B’s), healthy fat, muscle-building amino acids, critical minerals and more…

But that barely scratches the surface. This is easily the most nutritionally-sound collection of smoothie recipes you’ll find anywhere.

And if you’re wondering if this is just another recipe book or collection of smoothie recipes—think again:

3 Ways 101 Smoothie Recipe Is
Unlike Any Other Book or Resource

Obviously, you can find smoothie recipes anywhere. On the web, in other books about health or food prep.

So why this one? What makes it different…

Developed By Exercise Physiology Ph.D.’s and a Registered Dietitian

Not to toot our own horns, but we take nutrition very seriously. If you read our respective bios—which can be found on this page—you’ll see that we dedicated our entire lives to helping people get healthier.

Not only did each of us get our doctorate degrees in exercise physiology—which included extensive nutrition study-I’m also a registered dietitian. It’s our passion and quite possibly our life’s pursuit.

And that means that, along with our strong research background, we’ll always only give you the best, most studied, nutritionally sound advice—the same advice we give to our elite clientele all over the world.

Speaking of nutrition…

101 Simple Superfood Smoothie Recipes is The
ONLY Book That Comes With
Nutrition Fact Panels for Each Recipe!

Nutrition FactsLike I said, we take this seriously. So as you go through the book, you’ll not only have endless variety of healthy smoothies to make—each with amazing taste and a fun name…

But you’ll also find that there’s a precise nutrition fact panel for each recipe that tells you EXACTLY what’s in it—including all macronutrients, from carbs and protein to fat and calories.

So whether you’re following a Paleo plan or a high protein diet, monitor calories and macronutrient intake, are intermittent fasting or eating low fat or vegan – regardless of your specific diet or plan — 101 Simple Superfood Smoothies has something for everyone…

You’ll find this unique feature extremely useful—as do many of our clients.

About Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD

Christopher MohrDr. Christopher Mohr, PhD RD started his nutrition career when wearing size 38 Levi Husky jeans, with an embarrassing hem, since the waist and length didn’t quite match up. After having to lose 20 pounds in 8th grade to make weight for football, his interest in nutrition grew. He followed his passion to the University, where he ultimately earned a his BS and MS in nutrition, became a registered dietitian and earned a PhD in exercise physiology. As an invited speaker around the world, Dr. Mohr has taken this passion and helps clients of all walks of life. As a busy husband and father of two, he also finds it challenging to take the time to sit down to eat many meals throughout the day, making him an expert in everything smoothies. 101 Simple Superfood Smoothies was born out of his 20+ years of daily smoothies. In fact, the slogan should be “no more, chalky, nasty smoothies!”

Made By Our Family—
To Bring Amazing Health
To YOUR Entire Family!

In addition to being health professionals, we’re also parents. And as such, we KNOW just how difficult it can be to get children to eat or drink things that we ourselves know will give them the nutrition they need.

That was a big motivation for us in creating 101 Smoothie Recipes—because we know that good-tasting, nutritionally balanced smoothies will be a godsend for your entire family, ensuring your children get all the daily nutrients they need to grow, develop and perform at their best.



Susan SanchezMy 11 year old son Max asked me tonight – before you leave tomorrow, would you please make me a big batch of smoothies? They give me strength to work on my science fair. It was music to my ears! I use the recipes from 101 Simple Superfood Smoothies to make it easy. Just wanted to say thanks for the smoothie recipe book – it’s making it easier to get fruits and veggies in the winter, too!

Susan Sanchez, Louisville KY

Tiffany Vandermark, Charlotte, NC

As a busy professional who is on the road all the time for work, smoothies are the only way I can eat well and keep my energy up. But I always fell into a rut with the same, boring blend. This book is PERFECT — the variety, the taste and the simplicity — I wish I had this years ago, but am thankful I do now. It is a MUST have for anyone who is busy, on the go yet still wants to have the energy and nutrition to keep going and going and going.”

~ Tiffany Vandemark, Charlotte, NC

In our experience, children love not only the taste—but the fun names and variety present throughout the pages of 101 Smoothie Recipes. Each week, you can shop for ingredients you’ll need to make the smoothies they love most…

101 simple smoothie recipes

And it’s all incredibly affordable. You don’t need to depend on super high-priced ingredients from a health food store—there’s enough variety and diversity in these recipes that you can make them for the whole family each week, on virtually ANY budget.

But there’s no need for your family to be missing out on all the incredible daily nutrition that’s possible when you begin incorporating these easy smoothie recipes into your daily routine.

That’s why Kara and I set out long ago to make sure this book gave you everything you need to make daily, nutritionally-balanced smoothies a breeze.

Easy, delicious, affordable, and full of nutrition—every single day. To instantly download your copy, simply click the “add to cart” button you see anywhere on this page. In just minutes you can have access to this health-changing resource that could help transform the health of your entire family—now and for life.

About Kara Mohr, PhD, FACSM

Kara MohrDr. Kara Mohr, PhD, FACSM, began her “career” in fitness and nutrition after fighting against her “affectionate” nickname, “Fatty Annie” based on her middle name, Ann. Eager to shake that identity, she began working out regularly and teaching group fitness classes to help pay her way through grad school, where she earned a MS and PhD in exercise physiology. Now an internationally known educator in the area of weight loss, behavior change, and exercise, she was named by Prevention Magazine as one of the top weight loss doctors in the country. As a busy mom of two young daughters she has recently become a smoothie ‘expert’ based on her 1-2 smoothie per day habit.

The Next Level of Nutrition for
You and Your Family Starts Now

101 Superfood Smoothies is unlike anything else out there – because our background as Ph.D’s and consultants to professional sports teams and elite magazines means we MUST take the nutritional soundness of this book with the utmost seriousness.

Our reputation is on the line, and we stand behind this 100%.

Which is also why we’ve chosen to price it affordably …

Unlike our private clients – you won’t have to pay thousands to have us create recipes or design a program. Not even hundreds!

Because we’ve decided to offer 101 Superfood Smoothie Recipes for just $17 — less than a 10th of what we’d charge a client to hand over recipes that have never been available from us until now.

With all that’s possible from consuming nutritionally-balanced smoothies on a daily basis—from looking younger all the way to doubling your energy – is it worth just pennies per day over the next year to access it?

I sure hope so. That’s only about 1/100th the price of what many people spend at coffee shops each day.

What’s the Value of a Tool and Skill That
Brings You Nutrition and Wellness FOR LIFE?

What’s the Value of a Tool and Skill That  Brings You Nutrition and Wellness FOR LIFE?Many treatments, supplements or medical expenses range from hundreds, to thousands of dollars. And many don’t come close to the power of consuming delicious, nutritionally balanced smoothies on a regular basis.

That’s what’s possible for you—and 101 Superfood Smoothies now makes it easier than ever for you and your family to achieve this.

Again, we know this not only because it’s worked for us and changed our lives… but because it’s worked for every single person or client we’ve ever shared it with.

Drinking the right smoothies—as you’ll be guided to do within the pages of this book—could be THE simplest, most direct path to a complete health transformation for you and your family.

To get started, simply click the “Add to Cart” button below – and you’ll be taken through the secure checkout process. It should only take you a minute or two…

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Immediately, you’ll be ready to access the book, along with all its nutrition info and recipes.

Of course, if you’d rather go through extreme diets, or spend hundreds or thousands of dollars searching for sort of magic diet or nutritional supplement – this probably isn’t for you.

No offense. Again, we’d love to have anyone who’s willing and able to give this a sincere shot…

But because we’re offering a very generous guarantee, we both want you to be sure this book is something you’ll use and benefit from.

You’ll Have 60 Full Days to Try Them
And SEE What a Difference They Make!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re Ph.D.’s, not marketers, so we don’t really think of guarantees in traditional terms.

Rather, we see it as a pledge from us to you.

A pledge that says this product will do its part. That the entire content of the 101 Superfood Smoothie book and program is everything we say it is, and that it will do everything we say it will do… your purchase is fully protected.

In the highly unlikely event that you’re not absolutely thrilled – both with the quality of the recipes AND the results those recipes bring you – then just let us know and we’ll refund every penny you paid.

There’s no fine print, hassle or hard feelings. Again, this is our sincerest pledge and promise that you can have faith in everything we’ve mentioned to you here today.

Now, You’ve Got an Important Decision to Make…

Even in this letter, we’ve given you some very valuable information, tips and research– hopefully you see what’s been preventing you from making smoothies much more of a daily habit…

And you’re now ready to take your health to the next level.

We’d love nothing more than to coach you through the process – starting with 101 of our very best, most time-tested smoothie recipes – based on the exact nutritional informational information we use to coach pro sports teams, health authors, magazines, Universities and more.

Granted, it’s not us coming to your home, working with you over the phone. But it’s next best thing… and it’s 1/1000th of the price.

With the 101 Superfood Smoothie Recipes, we cover both the recipes and simple info you need to dramatically transform your health.

Better nutrition and a slimmer body are just the beginning, and frankly, one of the easiest things to achieve with this little book.

As you begin to add these to your diet, a whole array of wonderful benefits open up for you…

From looking and feeling younger…

To even lowering food costs and saving a TON of time in preparing foods…

We could go on and on.


You Could Make Your First Smoothie
From This Book Just Minutes from Now…

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and there’s never been a better, or easier time to get started than right now.

To access and begin benefiting from the 101 Superfood Smoothie Recipes — starting today – just click the “Add to Cart” button, follow the checkout steps, and then you’ll hear from us right within the pages of the book.

We’ll be there with you on every page, guiding you and coaching you, helping you make one delicious, nutritionally balanced smoothie after another—day after day… until you experience all the benefits we’ve covered here.

Health benefits both you and your family absolutely deserve!

We look forward to welcoming you inside the pages of the book, and helping guide you through the process of using smoothies to transform your health.

Thank you so much.

To your best health,

Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD
Kara Mohr, PhD, FACSM

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